Sunday, November 27, 2016

It was the second day of the 2016 school year. She stood in line waiting to get her french fries, while her friend was busy getting a burger. The cafeteria wasn't that great, but it was all they had to work with. Agonized where her friends whereabouts were, she glanced up to search the cafeteria food sections. That's when she saw a dark chocolate boy starring at her. She quickly looked down, continuing to wait for her fries, but with curiosity wanted to see if the guy was still looking. She slowly looked up and to the side, then back where she had seen the guy, and his eyes were still placed upon her. She repeated the action of looking down, and thought to herself "please don't let him try to talk to me". After getting her plate of fries, she walked over to the deli line, close to where she had seen the guy. She waited in line with relief that he was nowhere to be found and her friend had caught back up with her. She placed her order in, and placed her chicken wrap on the grill to heat it. Impatient with the George Former, she continuously lifted the top to check on the wrap. Right as she picked up the wrap and placed it on her plate with fries, she felt a touch on her arm. Not thinking, she turned around swiftly and eyes landed on the guy once again. At one time, almost every emotion ran to her: nervousness, agony, irritation, and delight. "Can I borrow some of your time for just a second" the guy said. She was very impressed with his approach and could see that he was not like the others from where she was from.
"um sure" she replied back, looking back to make sure her friend was still close. The conversation was very brief.
"Hey how are you doing today?" he said to her
"I'm good, how about you?"
"I'm good too, my name is Drew, what's your name ?"
She replied back and said "Khali" unintentionally sizing him up. He was a very nice looking guy and from the looks dressed nice as well too. His dark complexion free of blemishes, went perfect with his straight white teeth.
"Nice to meet you" he said. "I just saw you and wanted to know if maybe I could get your number and we could text sometime?"
Without thinking, the words rolled right off her tongue. "Sorry, I have a boyfriend" It was a huge lie. She had no boyfriend, but why she lied, she didn't know.
"oh okay, well I'll just see you around" his disappointment showed in his eyes and voice.
Instantly she looked for her friend, and to tell her what had happened.

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