Sunday, November 27, 2016

About a week went by, and she was getting adjusted to her new surroundings. She was very far away from home and didn't know many people. However, she did know two guys from her city that she befriended before coming. One of them, she begin catching feelings for. Perhaps that was the reason she turned down the guy from the cafeteria. She didn't know for sure, so she played it cool until she was certain. One day her guy friend had asked if she had wanted to go eat at the cafeteria. With nothing else to do, she agreed and he met her outside of her dorm building. The cafeteria was about a ten minute walk. Not much when there is great conversation.

As the two begun walking up on the cafeteria, on the bridge in front, where a group of guys. Her friend seemed to know them as he called out to a few of them. Walking up on them, they turned back to see who the familiar voice was and that's when she spotted the same guy in the cafeteria. Her eyes widened, she couldn't believe she actually saw him again. The campus was pretty big, she didn't think she would see him again, especially didn't think he would be friends with the guy she somewhat liked. Playing it cool she continued to walk with her friend. He dapped up his friends and introduced her to the group.
"Aye, this my friend Khali, she's from where I'm from" her friend said.
"Yeah we've already met" the guy from the cafeteria said after licking his lips.
Unsure how to react to the guy, she gave him a hug, like he was an old friend. With nothing to say she said "hey, how are you?" while continuing to walk.
He replied back "good, you?"
Slowly drifting further away she said "good too"

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